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Huge interest Grows for Whooya World!

Huge interest Grows for Whooya World!

Huge interest grows from new members, wanting their pass to jump into our social media site Whooya World - it will be fast and furious!  helping members in a new revolutionary way to quickly find a job. 
                                       We call it our Live Job Arena !
                                                         ~  Live Jobs on the Spot ~
We will have a total of four major Job Sections, with many different job links in each sector. All of their names to be announced just before advertising our interactive site launch--so stay tuned!  "Whooya World" will be the Social Media area for  "Skip"- LIVE JOBS! --  you'll need to be fast in this arena!
Our web masters are the best!  Their lil' coding fingers are rapidly building a one-of-a-kind platform for Skip the Trip. They are building it from scratch because our imagination vision could not be built-out in any of the normal parameters or restrictions from previous models... Skip needed no boundaries!
Skip the Trip new Social Media - Whooya World and Skip' are coming soon!  Go create your account now to always be called a first generation, in Whooya! and Whooya to ya!   Please tell everyone "Whooya World" is coming soon!
    "Whooya"  -   Whooya, the new word being heard around the world!
  ♦  Founders want to thank everyone for all the kind support . ♦


Published on May 16, 2013.