Veterans Support

The interactive site is coming soon! Excitement builds around the world. E-mails flood in, asking when will the interactive site launch. The webmasters are fast at work, and we respond to the designs with “what about if the box is gone and we do a road instead?” We make them break the seams of their artistic perceptions to create something special for Skip's main site. It takes longer than you can imagine to make a page just perfect!

Press releases will go out at ten days and again three days prior to the affair! The Press and members "Skip Party" venue is planned for historic downtown Gig Harbor, WA.

On a side note – We just connected to a team (TBA later) that works to help Veterans secure jobs! Meeting them is a thrilling boost and it adds strength to our Veteran Jobs and training link.

We wish to thank all the members and their support by spreading the news to all your friends and associates! Welcome to all new Whooya members.

If you would like to invest with us in our company, contact us at


Kind regards from the founders,

Mavi and Elizabeth

Published on Mar 16, 2013.