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Introducing a new path to better Quality of Life...

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Little changes today. Sustainable changes for tomorrow.

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BalancingWork and Life

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Time to Find Jobs. Cut the Commute. Embrace Opportunities.

Skip The Trip

Our goal is to cut commute time by connecting people with like-kind jobs.

We also will connect you to unpublished jobs, to exchange for a Job closer to home.  Or connecting you to new better Jobs!

This job exchange option will boost the quality of life through participation and public support. When commute time is reduced across the nation, foreign oil dependency will go down, which will help the environment and our economy. As a result of working closer to home, people can develop stronger ties to their home and work communities with more free time and less commute stress. Job exchange will create better transitions into jobs, due to job profile and one-on-one information. The reclaimed, extra time can go toward family, hobbies, friends, whatever you would like.

This website is our first version, a pre-launch site open to build initial membership for the database. The database is part of the main site currently under development, will be launching soon!  Upon launch of the main site, you will be able to talk to others and ask questions as long as you like before exchanging jobs.

We estimate reducing a commute by 20-25 minutes one-way will save $200 per month. Imagine people having that much extra money at the end of the month! Spending the savings will boost the economy and create even more jobs! Think about it!  We can leave behind the waiting game after applications and even more waiting for interviews. Stop the search for jobs posted over multiple websites, CV drafts and applications.  Skip - also plans to provide you with Quality Green products and have done research to offer you the best prices, and quality.     

Membership Advantages: Employers use many ways to prevent down-time and reduce their efforts in filling positions. Presented with a new and qualified candidate, the employer can see the advantages, set a higher standard for value of work, save company time and the smooth process to Skip the Trip.  We will also be connecting you with quality, well-priced energy saving devices....saving you more money! 


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