Help Support Skip and Whooya - Building Mobile App - Go to Support "Skip"

Hello, Members,

I'm writing in hopes you can help us. 

At this point in our growth, we would appreciate some financial support from our members. We would use such support to help finish building out the Mobile Application,"Whooya Arenas" which we want to launch first.  It nests our "Live Jobs" area in the company.  Just go to the Support Button on the site to donate. 

We use "AmazonPay" business to process your donations securely.  Any donation you make can receive a Non-Profit tax donation letter, from our 503 (c)(3) Equal Worlds. Skipthetrip is a debt free company, and has been supported primarily by it's founders over the last 6 years. 

Any contribution you are comfortable giving, be it $5 or $500, would be appreciated. The founders would also love to talk to you, to meet you personally and or answer any questions you may have. You may contact them at Contact@skipthetrip with your phone # and they will call you back within 24 hours. The founders have not taken any salary to date and will not do so until 2020, once the entire site is up and running. 

You can Help by Donating here:

Thank you very much.

Liz Ashe and Mavi Macfarlane






Published on May 7, 2017.