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Skip the Trip, Inc.™ is currently 100% financed by the co-founders, who have accepted none of the many partnership offers to date. We have taken this course thus far to ensure the expedited architecture of as a huge, easy-to-use-Nationwide database. To accomplish a website of this magnitude can take up to 2 years to build; if we partnered in the early stages, committee meetings would have to be held at each step along the way, slowing down construction. As the main interactive site launch approaches, we understand we will need some additional support due to its anticipated success. The State of Washington and the SEC have approved Skip the Trip, Inc. to sell shares of stock in a Private Stock Offering to sophisticated buyers.

It may be noted:  Skipthetrip is a debt free company and has chosen to operate on a cash basis during the development period to remain strong.

We are  beginning to look for a investors with another compatible Internet company, or with sophisticated individuals. If you would like to discuss the possibility of investing with Skip the Trip, please email "Founders" at the address below. Potential investors, correspondence will be kept confidential. You may email us at

Our intellectual property attorney contact information will be emailed to you upon request:

We chose to do a pre-launch website in order to build an large data base of people to use with our unique concept of our Job Exchange area of our new interactive site.  In doing a presite it was also a successful test model.   We encourage you to join in by creating your account to be part of the all benefits that we will have to offer. We hope to spread the word that through, individuals can save time, money, add ties to local community and help the country reduce gas usage, while boosting the economy and ultimately reduce Global Warming. Skip will help people buy and install GREEN products and will supply members with contact information of local installers.

Running out of the gate with our planned advertising campaign will get the word out nationwide. You can have a great product but need to advertise so people know about it!  We plan a six month advertising campaign beginning at the launch our interactive site is launching soon!.

Investors link:
If you are a sophisticated investor, come grow with us. Below is the Investors Link for those who wish to discuss  investing in Skip the Trip, Inc. Once your Investors link is requested, you will receive an e-mail full of more information and questions about the company. One of the Co-founders will be in touch with you shortly.  It is recommended you contact Mavi Macfarlane directly with any questions.

You may contact Founder's directly at:


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