Amazon trying to hurt us little guys - by using Skipthetrip's trademark

Amazon trying to hurt the little guy - Skip The Trip Trade name

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Mavi Macfarlane Please read this - Amazon trying to hurt the little guy


Posted by Skipthetrip Gig Harbor WA · Corp offices : Amazon trying to hurt the little guy

I love you Amazon - But, you are hereby requested to stop using our trade mark name "Skip The Trip, immediately

We have had our final Trademark registered before you. You may contact me at the address below
Posted by Mavi Macfarlane -Contact me at

All of the Trademark dates and registration number date stamps have been verified 

Mr. Jeff Bezos, If you recall I contacted you back in 2013, communicating through your personal secretary about our company's Skip The Trip's plans to sell green products on the Internet and other general business and other applications. Plus creating large data base to make a Hub to help the public.  Now you are using our trade name to do the same. Why would you try to use our name?  Not nice! 


Mavi Macfarlane

"Skip's" Ceo




Published on Jan 23, 2016.