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SkiptheTrip works to connect people to jobs for exchange closer to home. Plus connect members to new or better Jobs!

The jobs are organized within a desired region/area as designated by each members profile. Our database will align parties if their commute distance will be made shorter through a job exchange, unless it is a long distance move (e.g. state to state, or country to country), at which time the job exchange may offer options between multiple parties. In addition, companies will post new available local jobs and unpublished jobs on Skip the Trip. SKip will have multiple counters, for optimum communicaton between connecting members.  Skip will also  be measuring, miles saved with Skip's service, Gas saved, time saved, and measuring the Tons of Carbon reduced with the intention of helping Member's and the overall environment.

Skip will be comprised of a huge Nationwide Database, where people in the USA will use our company site in order to be matched with others in like-kind jobs to exchange jobs, with the goal of reducing their commute time. Members can also be connected to unpublished jobs soon available due to retirement or other reason. Each person who registers receives their own membership account for connections, inclusive of e-mail for private communications with other members based on your mutual profiles and locationThis level of sophistication protects your current employment.  Conversation between parties confirms if the job exchange will work for all parties prior to the next step of the exchange. Job exchange is otherwise impossible, as occupied jobs are unsearchable on job hunt websites.

The possibilities of kind-jobs exchange is endless! Support Skip the Trip.  Create your free account! Help us grow by referring friends with "Tell a friend" link. Or, connect to us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, by clicking the icons on the top right corner or bottom of the Home page. Spread the word across the country!