Skip the Trip founder Mavi has surgery

Skip the Trip founder Mavi needed surgery on her right arm. She is recovering, with 11 pins/screws and 3 metal plates.  She finds being able to type only with her left hand very frustrating, when she has much to do with webmasters so close to the live launch.

She just invested in a Dragon System (voice recognition program) and is close to mastering it.

Mavi tried to get through to the founders last week with no luck, to ask their advice on which program to use in her current situation. 

Ironically in 1985 Mavi rented the large office room in her San Diego home to the founders of Dragon Systems, when they were competing with IBM for speed rate.  They could  recognize 2 words a second and at the time IBM could only reconize 1 word a second.  Mavi bought 25,000 shares of stock in the company, seeing their comcept had tons of potential. 


Regards from "Skip"



Published on Aug 18, 2013.