Skip the Trip's Holiday Blog

Our hearty Good Wishes and Happy Holidays to all our members and curious return visitors!
"Whooya" Live Jobs - may just launch first!    Then the balance of the site soon after.
We are fine turning the marketing plan and videos for blast just before the launch.
Skip received the filing of thier Utility patent, and a revised provisional patent as it's holiday gift!
Our patent attorney is fantastic and integrated the revisions well. During development of the interactive site, we saw ways to expand the services that we will offer members.  With patent laws having small time-window deadlines, we had to accomplish a great deal of work during the last three months. The deadline to revise and file is December 25th, so our little Elf fingers have typed and drawn flow charts non stop.  It's been a bit stressful and we stalled on baking holiday cookies and sending out cards, but we reached the finish line early!  Assignment completed!!
Skip the Trip is pulling the strings in and working with code programmers on the changes.
We hope to have the interactive site soon.
Happy Holidays from the founders ... Elizabeth and Mavi

Published on Dec 24, 2013.