Welcome from the Founders

The Founders of Skip the Trip wish to welcome you to the website.  

The company's first blog ...

The Founders of Skip the Trip wish to welcome you to the website. We are bubbly and excited over the launch of our pre-site today! Our patent is long ago filed, page connection drawings completed, icon made and stock certificate designed, just to name a few highlights to this long process. As you explore the pages, we hope your interest in our concept grows. The founders of Skip the Trip have come up with a way that we can all help our society become less dependent on oil, going forward with environmental protection and resource independence. A major set of complaints in our society are a feeling of disjointedness from local community due to a long daily schedule, wasting money on gas and not enough sleep conjoined with a work commute. It's common for working adults to not get enough sleep! The stress and sleep deprivation add up to weakening your health.

Each person who registers received their own membership account to keep track of software-made connections and your correspondence, as well as a job profile.  The individual does not pay a fee for profile membership. Companies may join as members to offer local positions, paying a membership fee for these recruitment posts.

Over the last few years we have developed and refined the concept of job exchange. We have researched green products galore – and we already previously considered ourselves pretty aware of them. We have a bunch of great surprises for our members in the future.  Green products:  Quality and best priced! and have installers!

We wil be reaching out to our members!

Over the next months, you can always contact us at contact@skipthetrip for direct e-mail response.


Published on Nov 14, 2012.