Whooyas Skip In!

It seems like a year has passed!  Since the launch of our pre-site November 15, 2012, our webmaster says he has never seen such a tremendous people count or membership response before on a website. 

Skip the Trip's founders originally started talking about their interests in saving energy and building the sense of community. A long time researching and developing plans went into Skip the Trip.  In the seed desires to save energy, green design and Job creation, they see that they all work well together.  The bonus is that together, they will boost the economy!  Not just here in the U.S. but around the world. Other countries have some of the same serious issues we have here and widespread environmental preservation impacts more than one town.

Educating and providing Green products for people to use at home, makes sense.  The average American knows about energy efficient light bulbs, windows and recycle bins. As the industry expands, it's difficult to keep up with products and comparing them to make good decisions for your home.

The Social Media area is incorporated into Skip the Trip in order to share, communicate, collaborate and do business. The connections will be called "Whooyas," which stands for “Who you know”!

Our incredible web masters are hard at work.  We plan to have all Visual Design, Videos, Social Media and Skip's National Job Hub working soon.

If you would like to add your company to our Job connection area prior to the Launch of the Site,

Please contact the Founders at Contact@skipthetrip.com.  We are specifically interested to add companies who have multiple branch locations, as well as those companies who want to hire and/or train Veterans and companies who want to hire college graduates for internship and entry level positions.

People write-in, calling us “Skip” for short.


Thank you from the Founders, Liz and Mavi


Published on Feb 15, 2013.